A collection of influential quotes compiled by expanded cinema artist Bruce McClure

Anticipating NY-based expanded cinema artist Bruce McClure’s presentation what remained to complete a circumnavigation of the planet as part of DIM Cinema, December’s meeting will feature a collection of influential quotes compiled by the artist.

Says McClure of the compilation: “Rarely do I read a book from cover to cover, preferring to loop around its pages. When visitors ask why I have so many books, I explain that I use them as a protection between myself and the outside, where stray bullets are known to originate. These excerpts of poetry and prose date back to 1992 and have been extracted from my library as word treatments for Sinecures and other projection events. Sidestepping a dismal discussion of my concept of the Sinecure, I will say that most of these writings have been included as program notes and intended as deliberate obstructions to the visceral experience of my projection performances where no proxy is admitted. I agree with Sergei Eisenstein who, in 1949, insisted on the dynamic of tonal conflicts existing only as a process of crossing thresholds. I use every attribute of these doormats, their length, width, and texture to signal the entrance to my visitors and inviting them to inadvertently trip over them or wipe their dimensional feet before abandonment to my hospitality.”

reading a collection of influential quotes compiled by expanded cinema artist Bruce McClure
Cineworks studio (1131 Howe, back lane entrance), Vancouver BC
09 December 2009, 18:00

Facilitated by cheyanne turions