Common Aliens: Diaspora in Time


Saturday, 03 December 2016
Studio XX (4001 rue Berri, espace 201, Montréal)
11:30 AM

Organized by Atelier Céladon, common aliens: diaspora in time | étrangers communs: La disapora dans le temps is a curatorial project organized to work through the feeling of being in time in an unmappable terrain of bodies. In prioritizing the voices of Indigenous and people of colour, Atelier Céladon has assembled a program that centers the knowledge gained through lived temporalities in the practical effort to build up our networks of solidarity. Think what it can mean to prioritize occupying time over space, to find our portals in between time through glass bowls. Our bodies speak to each other. They sound the depths together, recognizing that there is no desire that is not collective and no desire that does not create.

No Reading After the Internet is excited to be part of the weekend’s programming and co-director cheyanne turions will host a salon that considers the ways identity is inhabited and deployed in the creation and contextualization of artworks. Together, we will read Hannah Black’s essay “The Identity Artist and the Identity Critic,” which was published in the Summer 2016 issue of Artforum, and Richard Hill’s essay “Is There an Indigenous Way to Write About Indigenous Art?,” which was published online by Canadian Art on 25 May 2016.

Texts will be handed out at the salon and no pre-reading is required.


Image courtesy of Atelier Celadon.