Annie MacDonell’s “Originality and the Avant Garde (On Art and Repetition)”

Readings inspired by Annie MacDonell’s Originality and the Avant Garde (On Art and Repetition)

Tuesday, 31 January 2011
Mercer Union (1286 Bloor Street West)
7 PM

Annie MacDonell in attendance

In conjunction with Mercer Union’s exhibition of Annie MacDonell’s Originality and the Avant Garde (On Art and Repetition), a selection of texts will be read aloud and discussed with the artist within the context of her exhibition at the gallery.

The title of the show is not wholly unique. It borrows from the title of a 1981 Rosalind Krauss text, which questions the avant garde’s attachment tonotions of authenticity and its denial of its own foundation in processes of repetition. The terms of the production and reception of art have shifted since the writing of that text, through both the foregrounding of appropriation as a critical art practice and the rise of sampling at all levels of cultural production. Appropriation and repetition have become central to the way art and ideas circulate, and yet the cult of originality as described by Krauss still overwhelmingly defines our valuation of the contemporary in art. Through a series of doublings and transpositions, the exhibition investigates the potential of repetition as a model for generating meaning. Photographs, film, reflection, projection, the space of the studio and the space of the gallery are superimposed one upon the other in a proliferation of analogues that take for subject their own state of interconnection.

Selected texts will include Jorge Luis Borges’s “August 25, 1983.” In the story, Borges uses the device of the double to unusual effect: it is about the 71 year old Borges meeting the 83 year old writer just before his death by suicide.

Participation in No Reading After the Internet is free and open to everyone, regardless of their familiarity with a text or its author. Texts will be handed out at the salon. No pre-reading or research is required.

Annie MacDonell is a visual artist whose practice includes film, photography, sculpture, installation and sound. Her work deals with exhausted ideas and images, and the conventions of display as they exist in relation to art and the space of the gallery. She earned a BFA from Ryerson’s School of Image Arts, in Toronto and an MFA from Le Fresnoy, in Tourcoing, France. She has shown work and screened films internationally. Currently, she teaches in the photography department at Ryerson University.

No Reading After the Internet (Toronto) is supported by the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto. Special thanks to Mercer Union for their support of this salon.