“Forbidden Gaze, Severed Sound” from Women of Algiers in Their Apartment by Assia Djebar

October’s Reading: “Forbidden Gaze, Severed Sound” from Women of Algiers in Their Apartment by Assia Djebar
Wednesday October 27 2010
VIVO Media Arts [1965 Main Street], Vancouver BC
7pm Salon Free
Facilitated by Alex Muir

This month’s text further probes matters pertaining to the gaze via the writing of Assia Djebar. Djebar is a reputed Algerian novelist, filmmaker, translator and critic. Her work often deals with womens’ geographies in Algerian (and Islamic) society and subalterneity. Having received a prestigious Parisian education, herself, the perspective of her work often oscillates through a series of positions vis a vis colonialism and femininity. The text we are looking at takes up the account of French romantic painter Eugene Delacroix’ experience of Algiers at the beginning of the era of French colonial rule–and specifically his being afforded a rare glimpse into the inner world of the harem. From here Djebar meditates upon the sensory condition of the harem and the veil and the interminglings of these material histories with those of Algerian colonial resistance and independence. Whilst the work is certainly quite specific in its situation, the hope is that it may be instructive within other conversations pertaining to mise-en-scene, visibility and the gaze.

If you are interested in previewing a text, please contact events@vivomediaarts.com for a digital copy.

Co-Presented with Cineworks Independent Filmmakers Society