Lev Manovich’s “The New Language of Cinema”

Provoked by Anthony Roberts + Brian Johnson’s The Soft Revolution, an interactive cinematic installation Cineworks is presenting this month at the Interurban, January’s meeting will feature Lev Manovich’s essay “The New Language of Cinema.” Says Manovich in the introduction to The Language of New Media, the book from which this essay is drawn, “We no longer think of the history of cinema as a linear march toward a single possible language, or as a progression toward perfect verisimilitude. On the contrary, we have come to see its history as a succession of distinct and equally expressive languages, each with its own aesthetic variables, and each closing off some of the possibilities of its predecessor.” Roberts + Johnson’s interactive film exploits exactly this space between cinema as it has been and cinemas as they are becoming by using digital technology [and the principles of the I-Ching] to make pointed reference to contemporary artistic researches, and Manovich’s essay makes a compelling argument for how and why this is possible.

reading Lev Manovich’s “The New Language of Cinema”
Cineworks [1131 Howe, back lane entrance], Vancouver BC
27 January 2009, 18:00

Facilitated by cheyanne turions