Margaret Atwood’s “Survival” as selected by Rikia Saddy

Friday, 14 September 2012
Bento Miso (#300 – 862 Richmond Street West)
7 PM

Rikia Saddy in attendance

On the 40th anniversary of the publication of Margaret Atwood’s Survival, and in celebration of the publication of Rikia Saddy’s We Are Canada, this salon will feature excerpts from both texts with an eye toward developing a language through which to articulate what being Canadian means today.

Rikia Saddy has a passion for Canada that is informed by an interest in the country’s past and how our understanding of it shapes our shared future. Her engagement in politics and social change focuses on considerations about Canada’s role in the world. A published journalist and an active participant in Canada 2020, the Couchiching Institute on Public Affairs, and the Governor General’s Leadership Conference, Saddy has appeared numerous times on The National and Connect with Mark Kelley. Currently, she live in Vancouver BC.

No Reading After the Internet (Toronto) is supported by the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto. Special thanks to Bento Miso for their support of this salon.

Image credit: Cameron McLellan