Excerpts from “Bring the Noise,” “Inside the White Cube” and “The Emancipated Spectator,” selected in conjunction with the main Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art

Wednesday, 07 March 2012
Gandai Workstation (1265 Bloor Street West)

Facilitated by cheyanne turions

The main Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art (mMOCCA)* was founded mostly from wood and old nails in 2011 and exists as a slightly for profit, arms length agency in the City of Toronto. The mMOCCA is relocating all the time, it could be in your bedroom right now. In each new location the mMOCCA redefines the heart of North America’s most dynamic arts community. Our facility is modest in scale, impressive in design, and functions effectively as a nucleus of energies for cultural production and exchange.

The mandate of the mMOCCA is to exhibit, research, collect, and promote innovative art by Canadian and International artists whose work engage and address challenging issues and themes relevant to our times. mMOCCA is committed to providing a forum for emerging artists that show particular promise, and to establish artists whose works are considered to be ground-breaking or awesome.

From the 29 January until 17 March 2012, the Gendai Workstation will be sharing its site with the mMOCCA, whose programming includes a Silent Auction fundraiser developed in partnership with the Art History Graduate Student Association of York University (AHGSA), as well as an exhibition entitled FANDOM.

This co-habitation acts as witness to the interplay of each organization’s role in respect to their administrative functions and exhibition making methods. In this sense both organizations mutually activate each other’s domain in an attempt to demistify the by-products of their interaction.

Excerpts from Claire Bishop + Boris Groys’s Bring the Noise, Brian O’Doherty’s Inside the White Cube and Jacques Rancière’s The Emancipated Spectator have been chosen by Braden Labonte, Director of the mMOCCA, and Yan Wu, Programming Director of the Gendai Workstation, in collaboration with the AHGSA, to be read aloud and discussed by participants at March’s No Reading After the Internet.

Participants are encouraged to attend the Silent Auction on Saturday, 03 March 2012, from 7pm-12am at the Gendai Workstation (1265 Bloor Street West).

The Art History Graduate Students Association is a student-run organization open to all members of the York University community. The AHGSA seeks to represent the interests of those in the graduate programme in Art History.

A satelliete of the Gendai Gallery, the Gendai Workstation focuses on experimental content and fosters research into models for public art galleries that, like the Gendai, operate from a basis of ethnic identity. With this extension, Gendai Workstation posits itself as an alternative research platform with an audience that consists of Toronto’s downtown art community and academic and other research-oriented institutions from different disciplines that share similar concerns.

No Reading After the Internet (Toronto) is supported by the Liaison of Independent Filmmakers of Toronto. Special thanks to the Gendai Workstation for their support of this salon.

* It should also be noted that mMOCCA (main Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art) bears absolutely no relationship to the MOCCA (Museum of Contemporary Canadian Art), another fine institution located in the city of Toronto.