Visual Arts Open Studios at the Banff Centre

Friday, 05 August 2011
Studio 212, Jeanne and Peter Lougheed Building at the Banff Centre
Banff AB

As a project within the framework of Dexter Sinister’s From the Toolbox of a Serving Library summer residency at the Banff Centre, this iteration of No Reading After the Internet will take place during the Visual Arts Open Studios. Visitors are invited to read aloud with me (cheyanne), and the resources at hand are manifold: from my own personal library, to my collection of texts from the residency, or from my website, which has been regularly updated over the course of the past five weeks becoming a document of my thinking through the trajectories of the daily group seminars.

Visitors are also invited to browse through the impromptu project Library as Bibliography (or, What are You Reading?).

Library as Bibliography (or, What are You Reading?) is a specific consequence of the From a Toolbox of a Serving Library residency. It is an addendum or parallel construction that comprises another collection of publications that come near to the Serving Library without entering it, of materials used to support individual projects within the residency. In complimentary opposition to Dexter Sinister’s collection, this will constitute the pooled resources and influences of a relatively modest group of artists (say, 20 people) over a relatively short period of time (say, five weeks). Library as Bibliography (or, What are You Reading?) exists as a bibliographic list whose correlates are spatially dispersed throughout the studios, offices and bedrooms of the residents. Its body is roaming, its contents provisional.

I will also be playing a mix-tape of music I have been listening to while at Banff.