Donato Totaro’s “Time, Bergson, and the Cinematographical Mechanism”

Provoked by the presentation of Ross Birdwise’s Stillness and Movement Studies as part of Cineworks’s Moveable City exhibition, September’s meeting will feature Donato Totaro’s essay “Time, Bergson, and the Cinematographical Mechanism.”

Says Birdwise of the essay, “it really opened my mind to thinking in terms of duration, and also provided important clues into understanding some of the philosophical concepts of Henri Bergson and Gilles Deleuze. The essay was also helped me to articulate my own artistic practice and provided me with inspiration during the completion of my Master’s degree from the Emily Carr Institute of Art + Design, which was completed in 2008. My artistic practice is mostly concerned with portraiture, identity, difference and time. The medium I frequently use is video, but I am also active as an electronic musician and have applied my philosophical and film theory-related research to making music as well.”

reading Donato Totaro’s “Time, Bergson, and the Cinematographical Mechanism”
Cineworks [1131 Howe, back lane entrance], Vancouver BC
23 September 2009, 6pm

Facilitated by cheyanne turions


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