Lewis Hyde’s The Gift

Provoked by the presentation of Daniel Conrad’s Aboard the Pater Noster at this year’s New Cineworks, March’s meeting will feature an excerpt from Lewis Hyde’s The Gift. Conrad’s film portrays a little tribe of humans trying to make sense of their dehumanized lives as they pass through the city of Prague. The film reflects on the state of beings so submerged in cities that the shapes and cycles of their lives have become invisible to them. Hyde’s treatise on creativity and the artist in the modern world could be pitched as, “Bad-boy critic takes on vampire economy.” Conrad and Hyde share a concern for the effects of the centrifugal forces of our modern urban market society on the internalized processes of creativity in humans, and both propose ways of looking that challenge our conditioned responses to these forces.

reading an excerpt from Lewis Hyde’s The Gift
Cineworks [1131 Howe, back lane entrance], Vancouver BC
25 March 2009, 18:00

Facilitated by cheyanne turions


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